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Everything About Cities: Skylines - Paradox Greets You!

Discussion in 'General Forums' started by TotalyMoo, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. AzemOcram

    AzemOcram Executive

    Oct 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I have played 13 hours of Cities: Skylines despite being really busy with college, supposed to be studying...

    That is more hours than I played of Cities XXL. I have decided after I figured out how to run a city correctly without going bankrupt before I hit 10,000 population to record every minute of my city I played and upload each session as a Let's Play. I recorded myself talking while playing the game so it has all the components of a Let's Play, except for much humor.

  2. KevinTheCynic

    KevinTheCynic Executive

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I pre-ordered Skylines (as a digital download) but never installed it until two days ago.
    I actually forgot about the launch date and decided that I had to give it some serious attention to make up for my poor memory.
    I'm quite impressed with it all, challenging without being stupid, tricky until you learn what you need to pay attention to and even a bit of fun to follow random citizens or vehicles. There are some aspects I didn't like very much - until I found the sliders that controlled them.

    It's still punishing if you play it too casually like I do some times and even more so if you do my typical silly thing of rushing to build everything before you have the population for it (I like to pre-plan roads for example, however this can really use up your cash!)
    The biggest problem I have had is one I deliberately created and something I do with just about any game I can mod... I stuffed as many mods as I could into the game to see when it would stop working.
    I have about 1400 mods and about 15 or so extra maps added to the game at the moment.

    When I was sitting at close to 1700 mods the game stopped working. The game would not load past the earliest startup screen
    Part of that is due to the game engine taking too long to load everything but some of the problems are directly the fault of some of the modders. Specifically they take an in-game model and change something without ensuring it does not conflict with the other mods that affect the same things.
    I love mods and I respect the abilities of modders who do something I don't have the patience to do but some of the people making mods for Skylines aren't as thoughtful as the modders I have encountered here at XL Nation or the people modding Banished or Train Fever for example.

    Prime problems are lack of in-game descriptions for the mods so you don't know what it actually does, a lack of any in-game image so you can't tell what it looks like or worse, forgetting to name the mod so when you find it in-game, it is called "New Asset" and you have no idea at all what it is (because these same people often don't have any image attached to the mod so when in-game, it shows a default block).
    Not every modder for Skylines has these bad habits and it really makes me appreciate those people who do take care in their work.

    My last problem with the game is kind of the game but mostly me, I have so many mods that are listed under the "Parks" menu that it can take me ten minutes and more to find the park, carpark, space filler, decoration etc. etc. that I'm looking for. This is directly my fault, I have too many mods for that category but I'd love to see a scrolling feature rather than having to single-click the direction arrow to advance a mod to the next one in the menu. Or even the ability to grasp the menu bar and scroll it sideways in the same way that you can move maps around in some games (and even Google Maps for that matter).

    But overall, I am enjoying it. I've clocked up 21 hours in two days so I must be having some fun!
  3. Jimmypib

    Jimmypib Vagabond

    Feb 3, 2022
    Likes Received:
    My advice is write a second, compact version what is readable on a mobile device. And maybe you could extend this one to a long read.
    But is it allowed -with your name and source- to place the text on our blog I understood?

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