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Retail XL RATION 1.2

Grocery stores pack

  1. XL RATION - upgrades issue fixed

    For those who can't use upgrades, I added thumbnails in the main menu.

    Also, you'll find six new brands.
    B_pro_LStore4-S_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreAldi_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreCBA_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreC-T_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreSpar_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreOxxo_T1.jpg

    gamescreen0009.jpg gamescreen0010.jpg gamescreen0011.jpg gamescreen0012.jpg gamescreen0013.jpg gamescreen0014.jpg
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  2. Grocery stores pack

    First update. XL Ration becomes a grocery stores pack. I added seven brands.
    B_pro_LStore7-11_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreC-K_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreF-Mart_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreKeM_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreLawson_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreTesco_T1.jpg B_pro_LStoreMiniS_T1.jpg

    You'll find them in the upgrades.
    Installation instructions: you just have to remove the previous version.


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