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Dependency XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack 1.8

This dependency pack contains furnitures and props that will be used for upcoming mods from many mod

  1. New content and a fix


    This new pack adds:
    - 3 hammocks,
    - 1 Jacuzzi,
    - 1 wooden table on metal legs,
    - 8 shade cloths,
    - 2 Concrete urban bollards,
    - 1 Trampoline,
    - 1 red metallic sculpture,
    - 1 yellow and black speed bump,
    - 1 construction cone,
    - 1 automatic barrier in low position,
    - 1 automatic barrier raised,
    - 1 electrical box,
    - 1 US Postal mailbox,
    - 1 concrete block for planting,
    4 retextured dining tables.

    Also I took the opportunity to correct the following error:...
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  2. New street furniture, street lamps, trees and plants added.

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  3. Updated 05/03/2016 (New content by Drazicdesign)

    Updated 05/03/2016

    New content added by Drazicdesign
    Furniture XXL.jpg
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  4. Dependency Update (XL and XXL)

    *Fixed missing shader in furniture (It was making XXL crash when that furniture included in the Mississauga pack was loaded)

    *Fixed missing red particle.
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