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Plazas Plaza Pack for USA road - XXL 1.3 1.2


  1. XLN_XXL_drazic_plaza_usa01_v1.2.patch

    1/ Added localization file in English and French.
    And correction of a line of code.
    this new .patch should work on Cities XXL and Cities XL

    2/ Addition of "<NorthAmerica>" tags for the geographic location and "<Custom>" for the game version.
    outils des Filtres de balises.jpg

    3/ The "plaza" does not change color and keeps its original color.


    4/ Information only for modders
    This is possible thanks to the modification of the tag "<NormalMapIntensity> 0.001 </NormalMapIntensity>" in the '.layout "file.
    Fichiercities xxl .layout map intensity- opacité.jpg

    Enjoy DD,
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