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CJ Petropolis

cities xxl

  1. Samuel Monteiro
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Petropolis is an important city in the empire of Brazil. It is the summer city of the Emperor. With a population of over 1.6 million inhabitants, Petropolis s stands out among other cities of the Empire for its singular beauty and for its wide boulevards, highways and beaches.
    Updated and modified some structures. Removed some buildings, movie some place and added others. I hope you enjoy!
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    cxl_screenshot_petropolis_273.jpg cxl_screenshot_petropolis_272.jpg cxl_screenshot_petropolis_270.jpg cxl_screenshot_petropolis_269.jpg


    1. cxl_screenshot_petropolis_314.jpg
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  1. Petropolis

Recent Reviews

  1. AndyLiu1997
    perfect! expecially the wide road and the nest stadium!Very nice!
  2. kipate
    Three stars by me!
    I really like the different road layouts within the inner highway ring, very good job! Also, your highway system looks quite good, you just need to get some smoother interchanges, especially some ramps look quite steep.
    The choice of buildings at parts feels a bit uncreative. Be patient with what you are doing, think about what you want to place before placing it ;-)
    The port needs to be improved. But well, there are so many ports around the world, just have a look at some of them via Google Earth, just as an advice :)
  3. Lord-Katania
    Good job in this city!
  4. Marc Zandecki
    Marc Zandecki
    The city looks nice, but standard. And use the collision mod to make more houses in the rope. And the subburb highrise neighbourhoods would be better to be lined up architecturaly, I don't mean the ones close to the cbd but the ones who are already part of the suburbs. midrise(T2) suburbs have mostly the same kind of buildings in the neighbourhood. The same with T3
  5. Wibi
    Might be because of my personal taste but I think that you may have overdone your city a bit too much. It's such a beautifully structured city and well planned out, but the crowding of landmarks in one area (Eiffel tower, a random pyramid then the statue of liberty in line??) and the (presumably) Golden Gate Bridge overshadows the beautiful city skyline. Maybe tone it down abit, just a suggestion? give or take.

    Call me a harsh critic but the repetition of the buildings in a row kinda ruined it for me. Maybe if it was a 'Dictator' instead of an Emperor-run city, then I may understand. Great city otherwise :)
  6. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    Kinda look like Sao Paulo
  7. MauricioRP
    Deve ter dado um trabalhão! Merece 4 estrelas. Mas concordo com o cara abaixo... tem muito tipo de arquitetura misturado e isso tira a identidade da cidade, não dá uma identidade própria. De resto está muito legal. :)
  8. Anirban
    I really liked your roadway design, good planning on that, but its a bit odd with all the important tourist attractions being located on single line. Overall its good