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CJ Nicaumenee

A pearl at Lake Michigan

  1. Big Update

    Today, I want to present several small and large changes that occured in Nicaumenee within the last few years, as well as some more overviews and images that will have you understand the city better :)

    Highway revamp
    One of the biggest issues ever since has been traffic. The construction of auxiliary highways and more exits amplified the problem, and it decreased safety,...
  2. Southern Lakeside - famous hotels and mansions

    Southern Lakeside - famous hotels and mansions
    The southern lakeside of Nicaumenee has been popular with rich elites since its beginning. Those who could afford it, moved away from the crowded streets of Downtown and Bridgend, and settled alongside Sheboygan Avenue right above the lake. Back in the early 20th century, the area was still rather calm - the trains could barely be heard, and the...
  3. Downtown and Bridgend

    Downtown and Bridgend

    Nicaumenee's history has inadvertently been tied to its location alongside the shores of Lake Michigan. Nicaumenee's trading port has been playing a key role in the city's economy, and it has ever been a gateway to the world outside. The small marinas serve are popular with sailors, and the beaches are oftentimes crowded during summers. So by no surprise are many of the city's landmarks and tourist spots...
  4. Inner suburbs

    Inner suburbs

    Whilst the first Europeans settled on Beacon Hill on Goose Island, most of the communities by the local Ojibwe back then were established within the limits of nowadays suburbs. The area was popular, as it had been close to the then rich fishing grounds, but it was not as swampy as the area alongside the lake coast was back in the late 18th century. Due to the brutal massacres executed by the colonists, it's still...