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Tutorial Gas station customization

Gas Station Customization

  1. benhur1967
    • CitiesXL Platinum
    To obtain a more realistic gas station for my city, I used different mods.

    To reproduce such a result, you will need to download and use the following mods:
    - XLN_XXL_EI_GasStations_1.2.patch
    - XLN_NEXL_Transport_VehiclePack_V1.7.patch
    - XLN_XXL_Timofp_Deco_FurniturePack_v1.0.patch
    - XXL_Monty_HumanCitizensPack_v1.0.patch
    - XLN_XXL_skullz613_Small_Plants_1.1.patch
    - XXL_Monty_CampingGrounds_v1.0.patch
    - XXL_NEXL_Transport_PedestrianPaths_v1.0.patch

    * * *
    Here you have some useful screenshots.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_15.jpg
    Pic. 1 - This gas station seems to be very crowded of vehicles. This will ensure a more realistic feel and allow to solve some problems related to useless green spots on the pavement existing in the original mod.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_50.jpg
    Pic. 2 - A camping hut has been added in order to complement the two gas tanks near the station. This small building might contain the equipment to control gas level and supply. Using some small pedestrian paths, it was possible to create specific areas which were filled with a red pavement for accessing the hut.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_51.jpg
    Pic. 3 - This is how the gas station appears without the original building. This picture shows the necessary items to be included:
    - a big vase with plants and flowers near the pump (to hide a green spot);
    - a caravan and a car (to hide a green spot);
    - a camping hut (for a more realistic touch);
    - a green hedge (you can see different colours between the road pavement and the accessing steps);
    - various barrel piles near the hut's wall (for a more realistic touch);
    - three cars and a pick-up (for the camouflage of any other pavement spots);
    - miscellaneous small plants (for decoration purpose).

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_40.jpg
    Pic. 4 - Rear view - A green hedge (available among decorations) is very useful to conceal any defects in the rear side. A good realistic touch is obtaind through changing pavement type only near the accessing steps in the back. The same grey pavement goes up to almost the pump area.

    Many thanks to all the modders who made possible this solution with their creations!
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Recent Reviews

  1. skullz613
    Nice micro management. I have often looked at the gas stations and thought that they needed cars in them.
    1. benhur1967
      Author's Response
      This was my objective, many thanks.