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Tutorial Delete CXL Shadercache Plus 2.0

Delete the shadercache and start CXL

  1. Updated using AutoIt to compile the exe files

    I have revisited the delete shadercache files and decided to give AutoIt a go in making new exe files.
    Took a bit of testing to find the right commands but managed to even compile the Platinium one so there's no need to make any changes yourself.
    Just download, unzip and place the correct exe for your XL version onto your desktop.

    The two exe files in the ZIP file are,

    Empty Shadercache & Start Cities XL 2012.exe &
    Empty Shadercache & Start Cities XL Platinum.exe

    Here's the AutoIt code...
  2. The exe file has been removed

    The exe file has been removed as the server thinks it is a virus.
    If you want the exe file then you will need to download it from this link.
    It does not contain a virus.
  3. No version change. I made a exe for the 2012 bat file plus added some extras

    Update: No version change. I have added the following to the ZIP file.

    - Delete CXL Shadercache and start CXL 2012.exe (made with Advanced BAT to EXE Converter)
    - An extras folder containing two icons to use if you want to make your own exe files.
    - A couple of readme files.

    I can not make a exe file for the Platinum bat file due to the username change that is needed.
    It's very simple to do using Advanced BAT to EXE Converter.

    1. Right click on the BAT...
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