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City City of Eugeneia

City of Inspiration

  1. ATP Tour Academy Eugeneia (Suermatto)

    Surmatto is a suburb in the 'Nouvelle' District of Eugeneia.It Neighbours the Serreugia Suburb to the north and the Ville-aux-Anges Suburb to the West.The Suburb is most famous for hosting the 'API' Normanian Tour.
    The Population of Surmatto is about 3,785.The Population is Rapidly Increasing

    The 'ATP' Tour Academy is a Sports/Events Centre in Surmatto.
    The Centre Consists of 10...
  2. Real Estate Contest

    Serreugia is a suburb of Eugeneia.It has 385 Inhabitants which is about 0.5% of Eugeneia's Population. Serreugia also has the lowest Tax Rate in all of Eugeneia Province with 10% Income Taxes and 11% Corporate Taxes


    Buildings in Serreugia

    Serreugia Features :
    1. 14x Unskilled-Skilled Residences
    2. Rimi Supermarket
    3. A Tennis Court
    4. Fire Station
    5. Police Station
    6. Health Clinic
    7. 2x Parks and 2x Offices...
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