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CJ Nicaumenee

A pearl at Lake Michigan

  1. Ricardo Silva de Aquino
    Ricardo Silva de Aquino
    Is incredible
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Muito obrigado! It took me a very long time to finish this particular city :D And without all the mods, it would not have worked.
  2. ObelicS
    One of the best cities here :)
    Amazing work!
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Thank your for your kind words! And good to see you around :) "Why don't you show us your Cities Skylines cities? :)
  3. Игорь
    Я не очень хорошо пишу по-английски) Твой город супер! Видна рука мастера!)
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Google Translate: Привет товарищ! Я благодарю вас за ваш хороший комментарий! Но я не мастер, я все еще учусь.
    impressive networks design as always
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Thank you Xouste! It took me some time to plan ahead with the networks, and I'm glad that you recognized it :) I hope to see some more from you as well! :)
  5. Miguel
    Oh my god, Kipate, this city was designed with such care, with such delicacy of details, that it's hard for me to choose where to start because everything is in the right place. In fact, you did pretty much everything right. I'm saying you did pretty much everything right because cities, even real-life ones, are also characterized by their imperfections. Your city is an excellent approach to what we know from everyday cities. There are no perfect cities and for that reason, I say yours is perfect because you chose to show that your work has a soul. Cities are entities that have the power to transform themselves every day as if they had their own will to take on life.
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Thank you Miguel, that's really nice to hear! And you are totally right! It was sometimes really hard not to build another perfectly designed garden here or there. Not to use curves, but to stick to the grid pattern. To use power lines ruining the view instead of saying that all the cables are underground. It's nice that you think that this approach pay off!

      By the way, what about your city projects? :)
  6. axel
    Thaml you thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them, I enjoy making them
  7. Inan
    Excellent work, very exact execution of the transport system, road network and building complexes. Nothing was left to chance, you cared about the smallest details. Top notch as always! Of course there are some small imperfect things like the curvy power lines, or some different matter of taste like the incompatible greek church with the blue roof (at least have seen that somewhere...lol), the style of buildings in the suburbs. Also the greenery at the coast looks a bit boring to me, there could be located some fine park areas along the coast instead for example. But thats actually not worth mentioning, thanks for the top quality city! And now go and bring back Arenzano :-P
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Thank you Inan! I will reply in the discussion thread :)
  8. Project_Oz
    I've already said everything I like and what I don't like in the other pictures you posted, I just come here to give the well-deserved 5 stars and another star for the way you presented your city.
    I'm glad you finished the city and I hope to see many more from now one.
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      You sound like a grumpy old man ;) Don't take it too seriously! Also, the city is not finished, there will be some more overviews! Just last weekend, I was able to finish some more parts around the water treatment plant :) It's just that it's sometimes hard to present every part of the city properly. So far, I added the history, and some overviews. This took me a day -.-
  9. Kitsunebi
    First of all, I think it's amazing, that you really made the start of a CJ :D awesome! It was a good decision to build a city on a map like this and to make some cutbacks on details on every corner :)

    The history of the city really adds to the realism here. It's sad to read about people getting expelled, though, but I guess exactly that happened in real cities as well...

    The street pattern looks incredibly realistic and the placement of the buildings is superb! I also like how the bigger building complexes are situated.

    One little thing that you could easily clear up with a new picture: I got a little confused about the districts. Maybe you would like to give us an overview? :) besides: I can't wait for the updates!
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      Hey Kitsunebi :) Thank you for the kind review! I just finished some Japanese sculpture park, marking the deep relationship between the city and its Japanese sister city. I just have to fill some more little gaps, then I can post an update with an overview.

      By the way, history is really dark there. I mean, Manitowoc was a sundown town, meaning that Black people had to stay outside of the town after sunset. And throughout the country, there have been several incidents in which a large number of Black people were chased off their property.
  10. Drazicdesign
    My dear Kipate,
    As I have already written to you, the city that you present to us is a pure marvel!
    You've done a lot about this city, and I'm very excited about this one. The realism that emerges is breathtaking!

    Your road networks are excellent, well drawn, from the suburbs to the heart of the city, it seems so real!
    I like this bus lane that crosses your city right through, passing through bridges, tunnels, all technically and perfectly constructed.
    The layout of the railway is also exceptional. The way it crosses your city, serves your industrial port, and circles around the silos is splendid!

    Looking at your images, we can clearly see that the choice and placement of each building has been carefully executed. It's perfect!

    I also like your exhibition centre, which seems to be well established and well served! I think there will be a lot of detail to see around this one!

    I look forward to the sequel, I yearn to see the details.

    I congratulate you and it makes me very happy to see a city of yours!
    This alone makes me want to continue to make mods for Cities XXL, and especially to see more masterpieces like this achievement!

    Hello community, to you who read me, if you liked this city journal, I invite you to rate it, it will always please the creator of the city!
    Go ahead, and write what you like! and participate in the life of the forum :)
    1. kipate
      Author's Response
      So finally I found some spare time to reply to your review!

      I have to say that most of the city would not have been possible to realize in the same manner if it had not been for the great mods you added to the game :) The bus lanes, the American roads, the smooth roads, the plazas, and so on... they all made it so much easier for me to give an impression of the city! And especially the roads are fantastic! All the small details, the letterboxes, the small billboards, really awesome!

      It has been quite a ride with the bus network :D I mean, if you don't plan the network before, it's hard to realize it afterwards. What I'm still missing are one-way bus lanes next to one-way roads. Like if you could upgrade the 15m road to a one-way road with one bus lanes, and one normal lane. And the 20m road as well, with two common lanes, and one bus lane. Or a 20m one-way road with one common lane, one bus lane, and a parking lane :D But that's just my wishful thinking ;) :D I think I was still able to realize 85-90% of my plans :)

      What also bugs me a bit about the bus lanes is that the busses do not use these bus lanes with priority. I had to place extra stations just to avoid the busses from taking the normal roads. Do you think that there is any row in the class file that prioritizes the use of the bus lanes for busses?

      I hope to see some more upddates of your cities as well! And I hope you can enjoy the small updates by me :)

      Have a good start into the new year, my dear Drazic! :)