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City Bergen

A Normenian city

  1. Nyako-sensei
    It is great, but can you just write the list of mods that were used to build this city?? Just to have all of them.
  2. Dima Maslo
    Dima Maslo
    Красивый городк, ничего не скажешь)
  3. Pamascus27
    Excellent city! Very nice to see that you're still working, albeit on a different game. I think that will still work for us on developing Normany. Good luck mate, I hope to see this city grow more :)
  4. royb 98
    royb 98
    Apart from the rain, it's a nice city ;). It's a little small right now but I suppose you'll update it soon.
  5. JuanAcadé
    Nice countryside, it's a pity that in cxl the fields don't look that good.
  6. Peter912
    Nice little city you got there (y)